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Last batch for the year, Sale or Trade

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evil genius
Jul 11, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
Ok, folks. Last round for the year. I've added a few that I wanted to give one last chance to bloom, and even though they could very well bloom in the fall, I don't want to move them to Virginia with me, so they're out! Most of these (well, the ones that don't look like carp) are going to my local orchid society's fundraiser auction on August 6th if nobody takes 'em.

BTW: if anybody wants more info on the Aug. 6th auction in St. Louis, drop me a line. Cheap nice plants!

For all the below, strong preference will be given to anybody who can haul it away from my house in person, weak preference for anybody ordering many or multiples. I'm sick of shipping things. In fact, if anybody can show up and haul it away in person, these will be re-priced for you on a scale ranging from super-cheap (let's say nothing over $10, most less) to free.

Phrag Sedenii. This two growth division fell off the plant. One mature growth, one previously bloomed. Here's a bloom pic.

Miltonia William Kirch 'Bread & Butter' (Bluntii x regnellii). Mature, previously bloomed plant.

Miltonia Petunia. Nice, full, compact plant. Bloom pic

Epidendrum raniferum. I have no idea how I'd ship this, but if you really want it, I suppose I'll figure out a way.

Oncidium sphacelatum. Huge. Comes with free sun damage!

Oncidium sp. (mule ear - almost certainly Onc. splendidum). A 3 growth division from an overgrown mature plant. Looks nice.

Epidendrum ibaguense. BS plant, new growth

Zygopetalum (Freestyle ‘Princess’ x Kiwi Dazzler ‘Night Owl’) Recently taken division, with new growth. Lots of black spots on the leaves. It looks pretty bad, but it'll recover. Cheap-to-free with something else.

Vanda (Josephine van Brero x Bangkok Blue ‘Pink'). I got two of these to bloom them out and keep the one I preferred. This one, however, has somehow suffered horrible horrible sun damage, and the other one has not. So I'm keeping the other one. This one is really only worth your while if you live somewhere where you can just stick it outside with your other Vandas and forget about it. It might be a nice plant someday, but not soon (also, not blooming size). Free with any other plant.

The Odontoglossum collection: I can't get these things to bloom, but they grow well. I am giving up. If you do well with them, I'm sure they'll do well for you.

Dgma. Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy'. That's a gallon pot. Nice lush growth.

Brsdm. Fly Away 'Miami' HCC/AOS. In S/H, in a wastepaper basket with LECA. For scale, the basket is about 10" across.

Brassia Spider's Feast 'Highland' AM/AOS In S/H, in a wastepaper basket with lava rock. I'm keeping half, because I just can't give up on it yet. Nice plump bulbs, mild sun damage.

Brassia Rex. In S/H, in a tub about 10" across, with LECA. Very very overgrown, mild sun damage.

The Rhynchovanda (V. coerulea x Rhv. Clair Florist):

I got five siblings, figuring I'd bloom them out and keep my favourite. Two haven't bloomed yet, and I don't want to wait any longer. They've both got some significant sun damage, but some of the yellowing in the pics is from the flash. Based on the leaf size and shape, these seem to favour the Vanda parent, although I'm not positive that will transfer to the bloom size/shape/etc. Here are the three that already bloomed: Alpha Beta Gamma

Here are the two unbloomed that are available. Both were blooming size a year ago, and seem healthy, with new root growth, despite the rather significant sun damage.

Delta. This one has a branch in the stem. You can see it on the right, about 4 rungs up from the base. Is this one going to tend towards being a multi-growth plant? Is this a sign that the original growing tip is slowly dying? I have no idea, but it does still seem to be producing new growth at the top as well, for the time being.


Open to sale or trade on all the above. Again, preference for multiple orders, and PLEASE let me know if you're in or around St. Louis. I promise a great deal (or just plain free stuff) if I don't have to ship.