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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK
Greetings all paphiophiles,
I got hooked on paphs after buying some Christmas season left over sale plants in a local garden centre. They were sitting with pots in a tray of water and surprise, surprise they had rotten roots. I repotted them but didn't hold out much hope ... but they grew ! ... and flowered ! ... and I was well and truely hooked. I now have 24 paphs ... and have told myself I need to stop at 25 ... P. tigrinum top of wish list ... oh ... but there is also P. druryi ... and ... well I guess you all understand this little problem.

I'm an indoor grower with limited space and the struggle to keep humidity high etc. I also grow some angraecoids (9) , Neofinetias (5 var + 2 hybrids), and some Zygos and Phals ... but the last two groups might just have to find new homes.

I will post a list sometime soon.
Hi Tim, welcome to the forum!

I was hooked by similar means... bought a past bloom Paph at half price. I still have it, and it's never bloomed for me! And it's just a vini hybrid... I can't seem to get rid of it, though, since it was my first :)

Matthew Gore
YES!!! Another Neofinetia grower joins the fold. Welcome, and post some pics if you have them.

Which Neo. variations do you have? And the hybrids?

Hi Tim
I havnt decided yet if I should keep mine indoors all year or keep them under clumps of Raphis palms when not in flower.Be interested to get your tips/views on indoor growing
cheers manfred
Hi All,
Thanks for the welcome. I should point out that I've only been keeping orchids for just under three years ... I wouldn't say that I have a green thumb particularly ... the paphs I rescued were vigorous hybrids and had they not been I probably wouldn't have got into paphs. So I'm still on a steep learning curve and unfortunately have a few less than happy plants.

John, in addition to the standard white form of Neofinetia I have recently acquired Shutennou, Hisui, Seikai and Benisuzume. I was going to go for one of the yellow one's but decided I liked the look of the green one Hisui which was also cheaper. The hybrids are Neostylis Lou Sneary (blue type says the label but hasn't flowered yet) and Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom. The latter was the cheapest orchid I've bought (£4).

Recently I also bought my most expensive orchid Paph. volonteanum only to find when I got it home that it's roots were rotten! After trimming these off I put the plant with it's stumpy roots into sphag for recovery ... it seems to be starting a new leaf ... I can only hope!


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