Where did this guy come from?

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I was just making a midnight check on some of my orchids, when I noticed an unusual bump on the leaf of one of my sanderianums. I took a closer look, and it was this little frog! Its about the size of a dime... and the color is pretty accurate.

I got my camera and took this picture:


What kind of frog is it, and where did it come from? It certainly isn't a native Colorado frog :) The plants that I imported from Hawaii might have had some hitchhikers, but I'm pretty sure they were inspected and frogs should have been noticed. And my two most recent orders from Hawaii didn't have many hiding places for a frog.

I did get some plants up in WA last November, and I suppose it could have been in one of them, but it doesn't look much like the Pacific Treefrogs that I grew up with.

Still, he's a cute little guy, so I just left it alone. If I find it again n the morning, maybe I'll catch it an make it a better home.

- Matthew Gore
Looks like its an invasive species to Hawaii; the hated Coqui frog. The white stripe down the back means that this is probably a female of that species, if that's what it is. So, she's cute, is what I meant :)

Somehow she's been surviving in with my orchids since mid-December. I wonder if it was hybernating in the potting medium or some such thing. I guess I'll have to make an extra effort to catch her the next time I see her.

- Matt
They are a pest, not because they aren't cute (they are pretty cute) but because they have a spectacularly obnoxious call. Loud!!

Without natural predators, they are evidently taking over in Hawaii.
I remember seeing a special on TV about this frog, and yes, they are very loud. Be prepared, Matt! Maybe you ought to catch it and give it a different home before it reproduces.
If only it were a little larger....my son is bugging me to cook my frog's legs in lemongrass and shallot caramel sauce again! Take care, Eric
Being a female, I am not certain that it can call, or call as loudly as a male. Unless there is also a male handy, I would think that reproduction would be nearly impossible.

There are species that do have sperm retention abilities though.....
What a cutey. Great photo! Love those froggi Do female toads also have white stripes down their back?
Thanks for sharing

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