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I have posted Helen Congleton in the paph photo section a few days ago.

Shun-Fa Golden and Jade Dragon are opening up.
I will post pictures once they are fully open.

Shun-Fa Golden has a deformed dorsal again, and this is its fourth bloom.
I guess I'll just have to accept it is in its genes.
Otherwise, same great huge fragrant flower.

Jade Dragon is small, has a small pouch, and a slight funky deformed dorsal, but I am quite fascinated by the flower, which is strange because I normally do not like fairrieacnum x parvi, or fairrieanum hybrids of anything.

Malipoense is taking its sweet time opening up.
Norito Hasegawa are still growing their tall spikes while the buds are remaining tiny. It looks like they will take a while, which is expected.

Envy Green is developing its buds nicely.
So is Ma Belle. and Mint Chocolate.

Wow~ I have quite a bit of malipoense genes in my collection! :)

I think something is coming on my Harold Koopowitz, but I know how these hybrids are. not having my hope high. At all. ;)

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