what is this paph?

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Jul 3, 2007
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Can you advise what is the name of this paph?
got it from an old timer who was moving, and he was about to quit orchid growing.......


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That picture is very small, even when I click on the thumbnail. Any chance of increasing the size of the image so we can get a clearer look???
right. the picture needs to be closer.... there's no tag, is there? is it in flower?
if it ain't in flower, it will be nearly impossible to figure out what it is...
I agree with the others, there's probably no way to ID without a flower. Are there any markings on the underneath side of the leaves?
here the photo.....
it looks like to be .... i am crossing my finger


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Without question sand or sand hybrid!
I agree with Heather, amazing it's blooming.
Looks similar to my Addicted Phillip when it's opening...or perhaps since ppl are bringing up sandy, maybe it's like the AP X sand in another recently posted thread!
I guess i have to wait till it open up
I will have the someone from Botanic to help iden the paph for me.....
more picture.....
the petals are getting longer by the day ......


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