What is this and how do i stop it?

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Feb 24, 2023
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So I found this first on my paph prince Edward and it spread pretty slowly. However now it is on my paph michael koopowitz. How do I get rid of it and stop it from spreading? Thanks
Also it has a weird smell like fermentation or something that I don't recognize 🤔

Well normally a soft rot like Erwinia is brown and stinky, kind of like a wet horse or fermenting poop. However, rots in general are NOT slow spreading.
Chances are it is nothing serious. At least I can’t see anything from what you presented here.
Looks like Erwinia infection. Erwinia has a fairly distinctive smell. The fact that you noticed the scent and mentioned it is more evidence of that being the cause.

I do not mess around with this stuff, it can be devastating.

Make sure to wash your hands. Throw away any infected plant material. Do not touch any of your other plants. Avoid all splashing water. You might consider increasing air flow around your plants.

Copper-based treatments and/or physan can help. My go-to Erwinia treatment is agricultural streptomycin.

I've never been able to fully eradicate this stuff from my collection, and it periodically rears its ugly head so now I watch things as closely as possible and take immediate, decisive action when I find it. I've been told that in order to eradicate it entirely, you may have to unpot all plants, soak them in disinfectant, put them in fresh new media, new pots, disinfect the growing area, etc. More work than I've ever been capable of doing. Some also suggest probiotic products, but honestly, that stuff has never been effective for me when it comes to Erwinia.