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Here's a primary for your guessing (dis)pleasure...


the cross must have come from the Eric Young Orchid Foundation because the tag says EYOF8290.

and not sure if this will help but here's a full plant shot as well...


Id guess sargentianum x besseae, or perhaps lindleyanum x besseae.

(I guess that would be Mem. Dick Clements or Andean Fire, respectively).

oooh, I love these questions!
(I realize, you're trying to be serious, but to me it is all a game!)

I vote for Mem. DC.

Speaking of which, you know Marco, who is MDCMiranda at other forums? For ages I thought he was a chick named 'Miranda' who really had a thing for Mem. Dick Clements. :rollhappy:
so, just to help out... one parent is very well known (it gives it the colour)... but the other parent isn't often mentioned..... until recently ;) ....
close Scott... also in the same thread...

it's actually Phragmipedium Vitabess (vittatum x bessae).

Dantheman said:
hey tim were did you get it from in the first place

Royale Orchids... and they have another plant up for Auction the end of this month! Check out their website... the full list is there.
Ahhhhhhh - Oh, excellent Tim

I've got a Vittabess by longifolium that I got at the Tweed show last year. Thanks for posting the shot of your plant. I've just reviewed that Auction list. Some fairly freaky stuff. Does the prospective purchaser have to be onsite?

Hi Stephan... from experienes in the past year... people have either left bids or phoned up for particular items... if you want any more info let me know... I might go back up there on the weekend and look at the plants... can take photos and measurements etc etc... I know that the Vitabess that's on the list is previously bloomed, ie the spike is still there.. I think has flowered four times already... another interesting one is the Bel Royale... had four flowers but has since fallen off... amazing and beautiful!!!

Ta mate :)

The Bel Royal is what was tweaking my curiosity and blow me down if I get the lastest and possibly last Special list from P & R. It's also got a couple of interesting and desirable plants. Darn.

I'll go up this weekend... prolly Sunday... will get details of all Paphs and phrags up for auction...

re P & R... they did have an amazing variety of plants... and it will be really sad to see them cease trading... last purchase from them, I got me a Paph philippinense 'Palawan'. Will be interesting to see how that one blooms.

HeY Tim

I empathise with the position on P & R. My wish list on the latest list goes a little past $800. Pathetic really - gotta make a couple of hard decisions on that front. With regard to Royale, I wouldn't mind hearing back - PM me please.

At the recent Redlands Show there were two plants labelled P Polowonense. I've got pictures if this is synonymous with what you bought mate :)

Whew... finally got the pics loaded on Flickr... didn't manage to get as many plant pics as I wanted... itching too much to get into the Paph house for a looksie...

anyways, photos of plants up for auction on here:

Royale Orchids Auction - 28 Oct 2006

there is a picture of Paph hangianum that isn't actually included in the Auction but thought I'd show it anyways :)