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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK

Clockwise from back left: Phrag. pearcei, Paph. Rimbertianum "eclipse" (in flower), Paph hookerae v volonteanum, P. hookerae v volonteanum, P.wilhelmineae "gardineri",
P. druryii, P. Spicy Henry, P. Cymatodes "Beechense" and 2x P. bullenianum in the middle (labelled as "celebesense" (left) and "ceramensis" (right). The Rimbertianum, Cymatodes and Spicy Henry were pre-orders from Ratcliffes.

I lost my P. hookerae this winter (drip into crown not noticed) :sob: ... hence two volonteanums (couldn't find standard hookerae). Well I now have 4 bullenianum's and 2 druryii's.

Hi Heather,
Rimbertianum is P. ciliolare x hookerae (1893). Ratcliffe's were selling a division. This poor plant had a bud just beginning to open ... the Hall got very hot and it looked a little limp ... and then it had to be exposed to a cold wind on the walk to the underground. I'll post some other pics of it in a while.
Very nice plants! What are they potted in? It looks like rocks on the surface? I'm intrigued.
here are the Rimbertianum pics. The flower is a bit wonky: staminode and pouch skew.

In direct sunshine it really glows :

In indirect/subdued light the petals actually look purple which the next pic doesn't really capture ... still dark 'n broody:
Tom499, I use a mix of bark, dynarock with a bit chopped sphag ... what you see is the top dressing which is dynarock. I used to top dress with sphag but I now prefer the dynarock as it doesn't go manky but still absorbs a lot of water.
Dynarock, got you :) Looks very tidy, think I'll have to look into the stuff.

Love the P. Rimbertianum btw.
Elena, I bought the P.wilhelmineae from Hilmar Bauch of Asendorfer Orchideenzucht ... labelled as gardineri ... he also had some labelled as P. wilhelmineae. He always brings a few trays of young paph species plants which mostly look in good condition ... which is why I couldn't resist the gardineri, druryii and ceramensis as all three looked to be "bursting with vigour". He will be at Peterborough in June in case you are interested.
Thanks, Tim! Asendorfer rings a bell, I wonder if it's the same vendor who had besseae flavum.

I lobe the colours of your P. Rimbertianum too.
I have a volonteanum that is opening right now. It has been in bud for about 6 months (at least it seems like) and the flower stem is probably over 2 ft long. I am hoping it's open in time for the Oregon Orchid Society Show next weekend. If my partner would break out the Nikon D40 that I just got him for his birthday, maybe I could get a nice picture of it to post...along with my lowii and Pinocchio that are blooming.


ps...I absolutely love the Rimbertianum and I too lost my hookerae.

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