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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I spent all weekend repotting into s/h and dividing my phrags. 6 trays of them, probably at least 85 plants. I put one tray back in the greenhouse before taking this photo. I still have 2 trays of my larger ones left to go but probably won't get to it until next weekend. Whew!

How did you find this out? Did they rot? I bought some flasks from Ackers a few years back that have grown and are demanding more room.
Candace - a few did, but not too much. I Just noticed more root growth in the mixes that had smaller chips and less hydroton. I was using chips the size of nickels. So I just adjusted the ratio and size just by a tiny bit and mixed fine chc with the medium to fill up the gaps a bit. Hope they like it better otherwise ill fix it again next year if their still alive.