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First of all the legality is questionable....or rather, I think we know the answer as to its legality. Secondly, legal or not, this hybrid is in the US....at far lower prices than this.
Too bad for those living in Hawaii and Arizona. As for Canada, we might as well be on the far side of the moon as far as most US sellers are concerned. :mad:
Actually, I haven't seen this cross here much. I buy from NIA all the time, they have good plants.
I haven't either, don't think I'd go for it if I did.
I've bought from NIA too, does have nice plants but I'd have to see the bloom before I'd pay that.... but more than likely someone will!

How can the hybrid posibly be a multifloral when both parents are single-flowered..?
Good question - ask her! I would guess vietnamense can typically have a double flower like delenatii but I don't recall hearing/seeing a double hangi, infact one might think with the size of one flower, the stress would be too much on the plant for 2!

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