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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
I have a houseplant 'porthos' that is growing in one of my water trays. It is an 'aggressive grower' and has sunk a root/runner into one of my phrags. When I tried to pull it out it has grown into the phrag. I cut the root but it's kind of weird.



I think I would unpot the phrag & remove the pothos root. My guess is with healthy root in a suitable potting medium, it will sprout!
I'd be worried about that root starting to rot. Does the root end in the fan of leaves or does it emerge below. Either way you'd have to remove a perfectly healthy leaf to get at the Pothos root as it is obviously wedged in there pretty tight.

It is actually growing into the phrag, I'm almost tempted to see on what level the root's in the plant, but then I'd have to sacrifice the plant. Hopefully the pothos root will die and by then the phrag will have grown enough to peel awya those leaves!
Eric, i think what you have there is the 'moneyplant', scindapsus aureus... it is a very vigorous grower and sends roots EVERYWHERE... i just throw mine all over the place and they live... you can grow it in water too... the aerial roots grow a lot when you have let them climb or grow out of the pot...
Actually I have them growing all over the living room, I'm just curious to see if the roots have grown into the phrag on a cellular level-like in John Carpenter's "The Thing"!
You just have to slap it and yell "keep your roots to yourself!" That's what I do when my orchids send their roots into each other's pots, or onto their mounts. But that pothos root is really disgusting.

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