Inorganic medium for Paphs

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Nov 20, 2013
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I would like to move away from organic media in my orchid growing as much as possible, mostly because I'm too lazy to repot! I've had great success with Cattleyas, and am trying semi-hydro in some other genera. Seems to work well for Phrags, but I'm not so sure about Paphs.
Does anyone have good success (and by that I mean superb root growth) in any kind of inorganic medium or media?
Thanks, Harvey
My paphs do fine in S/H culture.

Not long ago, I acquired a couple of Paph. Shirley Amundsen seedlings. On is in LECA and rock wool cubes, the other in LECA/rock wool/perlite. So far, they seem do be doing fine and I see no differences.