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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
We’ve finally made it from Suffolk to Cornwall via north wales! The new house is a hermetically sealed new build that is incredibly easy to heat. The temperature barely drops overnight so I’ve had to open the little shutters above some of the windows to allow a bit of air in.
It’s amazing how technology has developed with regards heating and insulation over the past few years.
Most of the orchids are having to sit on the floor in the smallest bedroom. There are three vipara LED lights overhead and for the time being this will have to suffice. Daytime gets to 22c and nights drop to 19c. They seem happy and there are several new growths just starting up on the lueddemannianas. This species did not like a cool welsh farmhouse and mostly refused to grow in the early spring. The species that were mostly out of growth over winter seem to have fared better and the mossiaes are now in bud. One of the giant semi albas from the Fischers will open in the next few days.
Glad the move(s) went ok. Are you planning a greenhouse or other space to grow the orchids?
We’re not allowed an external structures so I am planning on growing everything indoors. This is the beginning. As I’ve grown these plants inside for several years anyway, it shouldn’t be that much of a change and to be fair, trying to give cattleyas the temperatures they prefer in a greenhouse in the UK is a real stretch when you look at current energy prices.

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