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I use tha coil hose all the time, a little trick I did was about 4ft from the nozzle I put on a clip you would use for keys, I hook that on a belt loop, I have no problem walking around watering the hose is on the floor and I have a free hand I can change hands and also reach the wand far back. Hope this helps. Jim.

How about if one does not wear pants while watering??? :) Err, ones without belt loops that is- i usually water wearing either pj's, sweat pants, or shorts.

I might have a nervous fit carrying a hose around orchids - at least until I got used to it :) I haven't ever killed anything w/ a hose at work though, so I know it's just overprotectiveness of my Paphs that would make me nervous! I have carpet and a person in the apt. below me now though, so I just stick w/ a large plastic mixing bowl for runoff and a small plastic cup to transfer water from empty juice jugs into the pots. I'm looking forward to the day when I can finance a collection large enough to make my current system too tedious :) As for the pants comment hahaha, I'd go w/ rubber waders if it weren't so warm...the hose at my old job leaked at the nozzle connection, and I had a habit of holding it in front of me and using my leg to help drag along the massive length of it around corners etc, so I always got Soaked, all the way down into the rubber work boots!