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Hi, My name is Lyn and I have been growing orchids since 1990.;) I thought I would break my addiction by now but it has gotten worse!:evil: I started by seeing an orchid display by the Volusia County Orchid Society at the county fair in the plant barn which by the way my son was the Grand Champion prizewinner for growing a very big pumpkin from seed!:drool: I started attending thier meetings which are awesome with great speakers, desert table and raffle table with alot a fantastic friendly helpful people!:clap: I have grown alot of different orchids but my main interest have always been cattleyas. I was always scared to try slipper orchids because someone gave me one and it died but I fell in love with a paph. lowii at the Daytona beach Orchid Society show, which was fantastic! My husband bought it and a phal. for me instead of a dozen roses for Valentine's Day! Now I have to grow a slipper orchid and came to this forum for help.:wink: Looking forward to learning from all of you experts!:rollhappy:
Welcome Lyn!

Lowii is one of my favorites as well.
I've yet to rebloom the one I have tho.

I'm certainly no expert, but a lot of people here are.

A warm welcome from Seattle.