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May 15, 2011
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Hi guys!

Some of you probably remember this thread Rick published in 2010 with a very nice vinicolored sanderianum:

I remember beeing a little jealous and impressed by the color, as I have never seen something quite like that before. I started contacting people around the world (some of them are good friends of mine now) looking for other vini sanderianums.
There are several dark clones around:
Old pic of a nicely colored sandie from parkside:
Another one of zephyrus:
OrchidWeb has a pic of a dark clone too:
Then I found a pic of a Flickr member with the name "Marc" with nice color but short petals:
On the paph guild website I found another clone named 'specific'. I guess it is lighter colored than on the pic because the CHD at the bottom is lighter on the pic at the right side:
An interesting clone of a japanese grower:

All the people I was in contact with told me that these color forms are extremely rare when very dark and probably come from a population living in a higher altitude. The standard answer :poke:
After me, all the plants above are not equally nice as the one Rick posted five years ago. I had to call people, mailing around and searching for five years to actually get my perfect sandie. I am proud to show you the holy grail of sandies (at least for me) I was in search of for such a long time. It will be part of my breeding program and hopefully we will get the darkest progenies from this plant in the future. Allow me to introduce P. sanderianum 'Black Mamba':


Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful colour....good luck with your breeding program. It would be nice to have a few of these around.
recommend breeding it with a sand with a wide dorsal to get wide dorsal and dark color.

In the US, most sanderianums and hybrids are very pale color (that's one reason i am not a fan of sandie hybrids). For a while. Leo Schordje was selling a strain that came out much darker (i believe this may be what Rick's "vini" was). I have a few of them and the one I flowered was very dark colored as well. (it is a great plant, ready to spike again this winter).
The million dollar sandie. Congrats and good luck with your breeding program.

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