Valentine Paph.

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Got this from my wife as a Valentine,it is.
Paph hirsutissimum X Via Virgenes.

It even has a new spike {what a wife}

The flower is 6.5" across it's beautiful. Thanks for looking. Jim.
2 spikes...the color is nice and hopefully the pouch will get better with time
I liked that one so much that I bought my second one at the GVOS. I also bought my first one at the GVOS last year but from a different vendor. My new one has three growths.

This is my hirsutissimum X Via Virgenes. Not quite as large as yours.
My petals are only 5 1/4 ". The other one in the photo is 'Terri Jarvi'. It was a gift and it was open when I got it 12/01/06.


I got a bunch of nice paphs for valentines day.... from myself though
My wife got this plant from Natt's Orchids in Naperville, Il.
They have great plants, you can find them on the Orchid Mall. Jim.
I've gotten several of this cross from Orchid Zone. OZ originated it. Must have been a fertile cross, it seems to be everywhere now.
NYEric said:
Great present.

I'n giving my husband two giant size Baby Ruth bars and a box of candy hearts. I think (hope)I'm getting an orchid though. He was reading about how Valentine's roses come mostly from China and that if we wanted to support our local businesses, orchids are one of the flowers to give instead.

He may have been to busy though, so I'll just have to wait....and hope.
I did do a bit of hinting...;)
Nice delicate coloring, fitting for a Valentine's day gift. May be I'll have to get myself something just because.
esungirl said:
Nice delicate coloring, fitting for a Valentine's day gift. May be I'll have to get myself something just because.
Hmmm. Being newly single I realize how crazy the VD celebration has been. Imagine thousands of people scrambling around for chocolates and flowers. And that's just what you see on the streets. The price sending a dozen roses can run into the hundred$ here. I think I'm going to make up buttons that say "Single!?!" and sell them. :rollhappy:
There is an entire anti-Valentine's day movement growing. I'm just upset that I didn't get any chocolate :(
I worked all day at the flower shop today. Had my fill of roses. On a whim, I took my Phrag Apple Pie down there and lo and behold, it sold! It was on my sales list but the only one with enough blooms to impress the not very knowledgeable average male.

We had some pretty impressive arrangements go out, and I take solace in the fact that at least other people were treated very well today. :)

Nasty day. I was hoping it would be busier but the weather interfered.

Well, Happy (anti if you prefer) Valentines Day everyone! :smitten:
We'll I'm not single, but it's a total Barbie Doll Holiday in our opinion:) And a live orchid beats roses ANY day!

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