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To me, that "rock dust" seems a bit "snake oilish".

If is is indeed, minerals collected from glacial moraine, it is mostly insoluble unless in a significantly acidic soil environment.

And being inorganic "dust" that has been exposed to "raw" sunlight and glacial ice, why do they suggest "Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Seal packaging between uses."?
Is the idea of rock dust supposed to be like adding lime to phrags with the idea that they probably get some minerals from the limestone?
I'm not judging, you have more blooms AND roots than me 😂
The guy just answered what the plant was potted in and the plant is doing well. Why this questioning about the components? It is working!
Because of the desire to know what is truly of value and what isn't. Correlation does not indicate causation. If I told you I have a dram of nice Scots whiskey while tending my plants, would you think the liquor contributed to their growth?

I suspect the plants are getting very little, to absolutely nothing from the "rock dust", but are benefitting from the care of a good grower.
Yes, but what about your sanderianums???? 😊
The sanderianums are doing good. The ones I got recently are still recovering from transport, but are still alive and are putting out leafs. The weird thing though is that the only one with the same mix as my kovachii is doing the best. It put out a new leaf and is quite big about 20 inches. It has lower humidity in my dry climate. Also what the hell is snake oil?
I got the gift to grow sanderianums;)


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