Unknown Paph in St. Louis

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Aug 28, 2006
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Columbia, MO
Yesterday we went to the annual Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was my first time there and my first orchid show and it was lovely. Quite a few Paphs were on display including a bunch of big boy hybrids, a couple that I would love to have (P. St. Swithen and P. Ledouxiae), and this beautiful unidentified "Species Orchid." Can anyone tell me the species? Thanks.

Complex my ass. You guys are very quick to dismiss the fact that it might be a NEW species. Ever think of that? A little known fact is that St. Louis has many endemic Paphiopedilum species. I believe this may be a photograph of the frm. flavum of Paph. frigginbigdorsal, probably the best name ever, IMHO.

that was fun. I'm done now.
I suspected it was no species I could find in any source I knew and was mis-identified. I sure is purty though. I thought the Paph. Yankeessuckola was solid brown.

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