Trichopilia tortilis

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Oct 23, 2006
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I've been growing this plant for estimated 15 - 17 years now and it flowers anually with a various count of flowers. Many years ago, I think it was in 2008, I showed a photo here and this year I thought I should be time to show some new photos. This year the plant carries 16 flowers a the same time. The single flower isn't that spectacular but they all together give the plant an impressive look......I think. BTW I grow her in full inorganic medium and within all these years I repottet the plant one time because she needed a bigger pot.

07501_21.07.15_trichopilia tortilis.jpg

07504_21.07.15_trichopilia tortilis.jpg

07506_21.07.15_trichopilia tortilis.jpg
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.........I also like an inorganic medium. What do you use?

I started experimenting with inorganic mediums around the time when I bought this plant. She, few Phalaenopsis and my three Catasetums are potted in pure shreddered/cut styrofoam. On the top of the styrofoam I put a layer of small river pebbles. Their weight gives the styrofoam stability and avoids problems when watering. By now my Trichopilia has overgrown them you you will only see leaves and bulbs.
I've been growing all my Paph in inorganic medium, too. After various experiments I use now a mixture of Seramis, burned clay balls 4/8 mm and 8/16 mm and shreddered styrofoam.
You can see the surface of the potting medium in some of my photos.....for example here .

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