This primary should be reasonably hard to guess

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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi all

First meeting for the Australian Paph Society, TAPS for short, in 2007 saw a few no shows who were probably on holidays up the north coast. They missed some nice plants. This one isn't unattractive, but it's not really a standout either.


I wonder how quickly you'll get the cross and name.

One of the parents looks like stonei, the other must be something with lots of subdued greens, like Paph tonsum. Stonei x tonsum, I guess.

- Matt
Oh, if it's stonei x tonsum, that would make it Paph Rolling Stone, I believe.

- Matt
Heather said:
Ha ha! Lien is cheating again.

Okay, anyone posting a "what is it?" thread might wish to be careful to name the image something other than what the plant actually is. :poke:

No, not me, never!
i'm guessing one of the parents might be dianthum because of the shape of the staminoid. The other parent might be stonei going by the markings...


stonei x dianthum
Man that thing is messed up.

I can see pardopetalum in the staminode. I was thinking lowii at first, but parrishii would also make those long stringy petals with maroon tips.

Except for the striping you can't see much roth influence, except maybe for size.
Hi all

Was away at a depressing committee meeting of my Orchid Society last night so couldn't catch up to see your guesses then.

roths x parishii gets it and yeah, it's not quite what I thought it'd look like so I figured there'd probably be better out there :)

Still in all it took you guys longer than last tiem.

Cheers all - good growing.


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