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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
Hey there

For those of you tempted to look at my album, please don't cheat :)

Went to the monthly meeting of The Australian Paphiopedilum Society last night. I picked up my kovachii seedlings (man am I stoked!!!) and took a few photos. Some really nice plants on display and this one stood out (wasn't awarded but) as I couldn't work out what it was. One parent is obvious - guess the other. I checked - Stephen hasn't got a picture of this one either.

front view

Side view

Rear view

Good guessing to you all :)


I'll pm you my guess, i figure I probably know it and don't want to mess it up for the rest of the folks... :p

hehehe... or don't want to look like an idiot when i don't even get the 'obvious' parent.
Yep that would be my guess: haynaldianum x hirsutissimum (or esquirolei)

gosh you really think that is Paph Jim Binks (haynaldianum x hirsutissimum)??? I've wanted a Jim Binks since forever and well, I'm glad to know that one exists in Australia... where there is one... there is bound to be more... but of course, that doesn't look like the Jim Binks in the pictures I've seen...
Most likely wrong, but I personally think Paph. dianthum x Paph. haynaldianum... =)

This is kind of off the wall but how about insigne x haynaldianum. Insigne is about the only species that will give all of that spotting in the dorsal. The petals are haynaldianum or lowii, and the pouch could be haynaldianum, lowii, or parishii..

It is kind of difficult to bloom, as I have heard from the people who have the species. I am growing both Paph. hirsutissimum and Paph. esquirolei in humus... but I have no problem getting them to grow or bloom... =)

I reccommend a higher light for both species, and plenty of water over the summer months...

Never had trouble getting hirsutissimum to bloom either. It can be stubborn like tigrinum though, as it starts it's spikes a few months before blooming and they easily rot in the crown of the plant if you aren't careful.

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Thanks, :) Just wondering cause I have a (philippinense x hirsutissimum var. furling) from ratcliff that I give an evil eye everytime I water it cause it's a multi-growth and I'm wishing it would sheath or something. And I heard hirsutissimum was a reluctant bloomer.

Sorry for the hi-jacking Stephan :eek:
Holy crap Marco! I have a hirsutissimum labeled as Paph. furling from a division originally from Fox Valley I believe. This is the first time I have ever heard that named used other than on my tag. I see no differences between it and hirsutissimum though...

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I missed most of the conversation and the parents got nutted out early.

Yep, the plant/flower is that of Paph Jim Binks. Beautiful flower on a largeish and very robust looking plant.

If I was in the States I'd send the winner a prize :)