This is not a Maudiae, but what is it?

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I bought this plant a year ago. It was labelled Maudiae and it was not in bloom so they sold it really really cheap. I already had a few Maudiaes but I saw lot of potential in the plant so I bought it anyway.... and finally it bloomed. But it's no Maudiae, hehe. I don't know what it is but I really like it.

The first thing that came to my mind was charlesworthii.
What do you say? Maybe some charlesworthii hybrid?

Well, not bad for $6 :)
That is a sweet deal at $6!! Definitely a charlesworthii hybrid. Sweet foliage too. Nice photographs!
there were quite a few charlesworthii-crosses with Maudiae-type plants around here in Europe recently, for example Pulsar x charlesworthii.
I bought 3 plants of Red Czar x charlesworthii last winter, of which two flowered vinicolor and one looked pretty much like yours.
As charlesworthii is so dominant in these hybrids, you'll never be able to tell which Maudiae-type hybrid was used in your cross.

Pretty flower, though.

Cheers, Carsten
Dot, its a good thing I had to find another pic some time ago from that safe place coz I found the Rosita slide in the same place.
This the only pic I took from the batch I had.
That is a beautiful plant! It reminds me of my apparent Maudiae x charlesworthii (Z4135 x charlesworthii) from Forestview Gardens. What a sweet deal for $6!

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