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Horst, you show here lovely flowers extremely well photographed. Kudos 👌
Though my heart beats faster with true species, therefore photos 2 - 4 are my favorits.....the P. virens isn't seen often here and the P. fairrie is a stunner....I'm not completely agaist hybrids, especially when they are as nice as yours here.
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Thank you for your comments. Due to the proximity to a large orchid farm that cultivates complex hybrids on 10000 m², my first Paphiopediles were exclusively hybrids. In the meantime I collect only horticulturally cultivated wild forms, primarily from the section Barbata and Paphiopedilum.
Hello Justin,
because of the color I like your Paph. fairrieanum better. Also that it produces two flowers on the inflorescens. With me it is the other way around. There Paph. Hanna Cramer has two flowers on one inflorescens.

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