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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
..EVER!! Just found this thread in a chinese forum... I'm drooling over almost every pic... The quality of the plants is just insane.. My personal favourites are the paph Lebeau, Kolosand with very long spotty petals, Bel Royale with 7 flowers, lawrenceanum and superbiens alba.. Have fun! :)
Cool. Definitely a number of interesting hybrids I've never seen before. The ones that caught my eye were the Fanaticum x roth and the Hung Sheng Pink. There was a philippinense that was nice as well.
they are nice...a gigantifolium with 3 spikes!! the tigrinum too!

do a search here on slippertalk for "TIOS" to see more...
Enzan Poovine, Delrosi X emersonii, Lady Isabel X Greyi are really great pink & whites!

They are all quite amazing -- how do they do that!!!
The Fanaticum X rothschildianum are the standouts for me. The colour is amazing. Must have. Plenty of other things I like as well.

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