Teacup Paph Wossner Helene

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Jun 26, 2006
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Nipomo California
I found this one today. (helenae x charlesworthii)
LS is about 7 inches and the height form soil to top of flower is about the same.

Anyone know anything about this hybrid?
Love it. Look at the colour. Hard to believe there can be so much complexity in something so small.
Very cool! I thought that helenae and its hybrids were still illegal in the USA.

- Matt
Yeah, but Norman's also had a hangianum hybrid up there, and they are definitely illegal, so that doesn't mean much to me :)

- Matt
gore42 said:
Very cool! I thought that helenae and its hybrids were still illegal in the USA.

- Matt

I guess that is knowing something about the hybrid. I'm glad I did not bring it home.

I looked up the registration and Wossner Helene was registered by Glanz in 2000. I would assume the parents or pollen were legal in Germany or they would not have registered the hybrid. I also found a statement on the internet that Vietnam had allowed export of P.helenae, but not an official statement only a referral to to it.

Anymore ideas?
I thought Antec has some. They got them from a rescue center, like they got vitnamense. I remember them selling venustum x helenea

They are legal in Canada. Cloud's Orchids sells them, in case any Canadians are interested.
Well, you'll find that our German friends have registered tons of hybrids with species that are generally illegal in the USA. Virtually all of the new Vietnamese species are in cultivation in Germany, but still illegal in the USA due to differences in the enforecement of CITES. Although CITES is international, the way that it is enforced is nation specific.

Antec may have some helenae (I don't know) but they haven't released any flasks to my knowledge, and that's what would make them legally available in the States.

- Matt
I just hope a batch of helenae become legal here in the US because I love these little ones. That photo is great.
News Flash:evil:

This hybrid is not Wossner Helene.

When I photographed the plant I asked the grower what the name was. He said (with Mexican accent) "charlesworthii crossed helena".
(I did not read the label myself)

I used the online RHS grex finder and entered "charlesworthii" x "helena" and it returned "Wossner Helene" which I assumed to be correct based on the miniature size.

After the legal status was questioned I went back and read the label myself. The plants are labeled Paph. Helen. The grower was meaning it was a charlesworthii cross named "Helen" and not charlesworthii crossed with helena.

Paph. Helen is charlesworthii x dayanum and was registered in 1900.

So, I only missed the correct hybrid registered name by 100 years.:sob:

It is interesting the RHS search mixed up helena with helenae since there is a hybrid registered as Helena.

So now does anybody know anything about Paph. Helen

The picture is correct and the plant is a teacup size.
I don't know anything about Paph. Helen, although I have to say that I don't see any dayanum in that hybrid... no mottled leaves, no dayanum shape in the bloom, and it's too small... any chance it could be something else?

- Matt

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