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Jason Fischer

Aug 26, 2006
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Time for me to school you all; think you know what all of these are? You've got until Thursday morning to guess. First correct guess, if there is one (and if they live in the US) will get 10% off anything they want to order. Go ahead, impress me :clap: There are 6 cochlopedilum species in this picture, of which only two are the same and have different variety names, as you probably know. By the way, you're also going up against the slipperorchidforum.com group, whoever guesses first wins!

Okay, starting with the front one on the left:
Paph. chamberlainianum/victoria reginae

Behind it, Paph. primulinum (var. flavum if you believe in that, I'm just covering my butt but I believe that's the true species)
To the right of that, Paph. primulinum var. purpurascens
To it's right, Paph. moquettianum
To it's front right, Paph. glaucophyllum
and lastly Paph. victoria mariae

If I got those all right I'll have learned something here today. :)
heres my guesses :)

bottom left side - victoria-mariae var. kalinae
top left side - prim. alba
right of prim. alba - prim. purpurascens
right of prim. purpurascens - moquetteanum
on right side - liemianum
left of liemianum - glaucophyllum

i love the button staminoides of this group
from left to right: primulinum, victoria-regina, this one you call primulinum v.purpurascens (??), moquettianum, glaucophyllum, liemianum

I still dispute #3 as usually purpurascens is more orange (yellow/pink) than pink in the pouch.
OK, from the left:
primulinum (var. flavum)
down - chamberlainianum
up - primulinum var purpurescens

Doubling my chances...???
Too easy!

From left to right:
primulinum, primulinum v. purpurascens, moquettianum, glaucophyllum, liemianum, and in the bottom left chamberlainianum.

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Again, from left to right...

Primulinum (flavescens?), then var. purpurescens, moquettianum, glaucophyllum, liemianum, and victoria-regina / chamberlainianum in the left bottom.

We have a winner!

OK guys that ended a lot quicker than I thought... too easy huh?

Dot was the winner, both here and on the SOF! The answers:

From the left:
primulinum (var. flavum), next to var. purpurescens
down - chamberlainianum

Congrats to Dot! I'll have to be more challenging next time!
Jason Fischer said:
OK guys that ended a lot quicker than I thought... too easy huh?

Dot was the winner, both here and on the SOF! The answers:

From the left:
primulinum (var. flavum), next to var. purpurescens
down - chamberlainianum

Congrats to Dot! I'll have to be more challenging next time!

We're not idiots, Jason...
(well, I am, lol!! )

Seriously though. Perhaps running it at both forums is skewing your results. :poke:

Congratulations Dorothy! :D
Wow! I can't believe it. I'm not usually logged in at that time of day -- just happened that way today.
Now I have some serious shopping to do...
kentuckiense said:
Get the Rob's Choice besseae.
I'll probably get a Phrag. But sorry, it probably won't be that one. Although gorgeous, even with 10% off, I suspect it will be beyond my means.
Export issues, here's why, posted from our terms:

3. Foreign Orders (includes Canada)

A. Minimum order $750.00 payable in U.S. funds prior to shipping. (Minimum $750 applies to PLANTS only.)

B. Payments should be made by bank draft on a U.S. bank, wire transfer, or by credit card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

C. Before ordering, please inquire as to the availability of the plants you are interested in. Once you receive confirmation, and we receive your finalized order, we will fax your invoice. Payment must be made at this time. CITES and Phyto documents will then be processed and your order shipped as soon as possible.

D. All plants will be invoiced with correct plant names and actual prices.

E. CITES documents and Phytosanitary certificate, add $175.00.

F. Shipments will be made by Express Mail. It may also be possible to ship by Federal Express or air freight to your country.

G. We will make every effort to be sure your plants will arrive in good condition. All plants will be shipped bareroot. Sensitive plants such as Phragmipediums, Paphiopedilums and others requiring moisture at the roots will be shipped with moist sphagnum around the roots or shredded wax paper wrapped in plastic.

I do have a few from breeding stock. Yes they are getting hard to find! I'll post if I find any blooming.
Thanks for the reply, Jason. So okay, you have a hefty minimum order for exports; I can understand and accept that. However, that still doesn't mean that non-US members couldn't use the prize that you offer in your contest. They'd just have to place a large order....and it would be their choice if they wish to take advantage of their prize and do so. Also, for someone like me, who can't spend that much money at the moment (...and, if I'd been allowed to win the prize), I'd have given it to one of my American friends to use.

I know that this forum is American owned; but, I feel that if non-US residents are welcome to be members, then a reasonable effort should be made to include everybody in the fun. I believe that's the reason why this forum was created in the first place.....as a place to share knowledge and to celebrate slipper orchids without all the crap and descrimination that is rampant on "other" forums. There's nothing wrong with announcing your contest and then adding the caveat at the bottom that non-US residents who wish to compete for the prize should first familiarize themselves with the Orchids Limited export requirements.

Best Regards,

John M
Cochlo challenge

Jason- any chance you can show closeups of the leaves of each? This is one group of slippers in which a decent ID is possible w/o even seeing flowers. liemianum has beautiful darker green slightly patterned upper sides and maroon stripes of spots under and ciliate margins; glaucophyllum looks like it's been dusted with grey-blue powder; victoria-regina has some faint patterning on the upper surface and a little red at the leaf bases; prim has pretty 'clean' leaves. Not sure about victoria-mariae and kalinae though. v-m is a big plant, yes?


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