Surprise spike on Paphiopedilum volonteanum

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Nov 15, 2017
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Got this as a birthday present last year, a two-“seedling” compot from Sam at Orchid Inn. I simply could not resist this spectacular foliage even though I’ve heard it’s a difficult species. No idea what I’ve done, maybe this spike was built into the plant already but I’m delightfully shocked. I did repot upon receiving it into Hausermann’s mix, has lived at the back of my humidity-enhancing Wardian case with the other small Paphs and seedling, southeast window. RO/K-Lite each watering, couple applications of KelpMax (thank god for Ray Barkalow’s magic potions), I see that the lowermost leaves are senescing; hope that’s normal. I have heard this is a very challenging plant to bloom so, advice appreciated. It and hookerae have been dreams of mine to see for years. I’m sure I’m just lucky (and the recipient of a quality plant from the amazing Sam Tsui) but hoping you will help me not screw it up. Thank you!


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That’s awesome!! My volonteanum is also spiking right now for the first time for me!! I’m so excited!! Ive had mine for 3 years now and this is its first spike!! Yay! Lol mine grows right beside the rest of my Paph’s in a bedroom in a west facing window, humidity around 55-60% during the day, and 40-45% at night, and temps of 64-66 in winter and 78-80 in the summers.