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Aug 4, 2007
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Northeast Illinois
I took this photo of a piece of stained glass that was created for a friend's greenhouse. He installed it over the entrance. The panel has a very different look to it depending on whether you are viewing it from the inside or from the outside. This photo was taken from the inside of his greenhouse. I think you will like it-


I'm thinking of trying to purchase a few antique pieces of glass for my greenhouse. I'd like to find stained glass panels of Sarracenia to flank the either side of the double doors to my greenhouse however I suspect that will be a toughie if I want older vintage glass. I really liked the look of that piece of glass in my friend's greenhouse. Very classy touch.
If you can find someone to do the work, antique glass can be purchased at major stained glass suppliers. I used to do stained glass as a hobby and used to see antique glass at my supply house in NYC. A large stained glass supplier will carry modern glass that replicates the antique glass.

Another source of older glass is salvage shops. Victorian era homes, especially Queen Anne Style, had stained glass panels.

This is where I used to buy supplies

They also have a nice selection:
I like that one!
I thought about putting stained glass on the doors of my grow area (that are shop lights), but it won't happen for a while...I might have a greenhouse by then
Thanks for the links to the replica old glass Ron. You have good taste.

That particular panel is way up in the peak of his greenhouse over the entrance. It blocks little or no light and the design is simple and airy for lack of a better term. I really liked it too.

For myself, my thoughts were to have two sidelight type panels of glass. I tend to gravitate toward an arts and crafts style but I once saw Sarracenia flava with yellow blooms that was simple and elegant like the panel above. Like I said, doubtful I will be able to find anything vintage that I like if I want a carnivorous plant. Lots of vintage iris panels that I like but so far no pitcher plants. There is an antique shop right in town here that does custom orders and there used to be another shop a few towns down that did custom glass work but I don't know if they're still there. Highland Park has grown so much in the recent past and I bet it has been at least 15 years since I went to that glass shop. I think this is going to be one of those deals where I will know exactly what I want when I see it otherwise I'm going to have to sit down with a pencil and try to sketch what's in my mind- scary thought. I think I'm going to be ok with two sidelight panels because I was talked into building a greenhouse that was twice as big as what I had originally wanted by friends. Good thing they did that because they were right, you build as big as your site can handle because there's always something you can stuff in somewhere. Anyway, I've got lots of good light in this greenhouse because it's a decent size (thanks to urgings of friends) and thanks to the way it is sited.
Oops, forgot to mention that the back north northeast (I think this is right) wall of my greenhouse has two shutters, a gas heater vented to the outside, a back up waste oil heater, and a circulating fan extending from the ceiling. Not much space back on the north wall to do much of anything but it would have been nice to have a pretty glass panel there. The only obvious place is on either side of the front doors (front of greenhouse faces south southwest) because all I've got there to the left is a stainless steel L shaped work station and sink and ductwork to a swamp cooler outside sitting on a pad and then to the right I have shelving with a purlin. There are intake shutters in the front but those are out of the way of where I would put the panels. I have two large concrete arts and crafts urns on either side of the front doors and the panels would probably set these off even more.
You are too kind. It's not a great location, it's the only location. I've got way too much rammed in there already. I couldn't pass up taking that waste oil heater. I shouldn't have taken it but I figured with our weather, it's always good to have a back up heat source.

What kind of glass did you make for yourself and where did you put it? Did you use lead came or copper foil?

I found a really beautiful panel that is for sale on line that has cyps in it. The piece is way too busy for my personal tastes and is also way more than I wanted to spend but I could see it in a home somewhere. Check this out-
Click on where it says you can enlarge the picture and you can see the detail better.
I found a sample of what I would like. Only I'd like it to have fewer dragonflies and be considerably longer and narrower and rectangular-


Maybe just two dragonflies per panel for me.
I know someone in Woodstock that does stained glass! In fact I met him at Rich's Fox Willow Pines, his wife use to work for them part time. Shall I get his number for you?
Yes, get his number for me. The shop in downtown wants $250 a panel. I stopped in and got a quote on my way to the grocery store. That's all I want to spend for two panels. That panel above with all of those dragonflies in it was just over $100. I'm talking basically two long narrow panes of glass with little or no design in the middle. Just two dragonflies.

I'm not going anywhere near Rich's Fox Willow Farms... uh uh, no way. Costs me too much money every time I go there.
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Hrm...maybe check out Klutz Company's window art! I had a ball playing with it last spring. It looks pretty good on a window and is cheaper than the real thing. Usually I don't go that route, but this was a good, and inexpensive project that kept me having fun and keeping busy in the evenings.

I should get more black outline material and do a Cyp!
I'll have to go poke around at a Klutz Company site. We normally like the look and feel of the glass so the few pieces we have are the real glass. The ripples do it for us with the way light passes through it but maybe the Klutz is the same? It's the dancing of light in real glass that me and my husband are attracted to. Wish every window in my house had a panel.

Have you any photos of the stained glass you made?