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WOW. That looks amazing. The petals are so dark and contrast beautifully against the yellow pouch. This looks to be a special clone.
Bottom flower should be pretty much done expanding now, petals might get a little bit longer, but not much. NS 17.5 x 20.4cm, petals 1.4 x 17.1cm, dorsal 5.1cm, Synsepal 4.7cm. I think I'll name it 'Cicada Killer', worth every penny I paid for it. St Swithin 'Cicada Killer'_01.jpg
That is a nice dark clone of St. Swithin that you have there! It is definitely a keeper. If one parent was a nice, darker form of rothschildianum and the other parent was a dark philippinense, or Paphiopedilum philippinense var. roebelinii, then that could account for the darker then normal color.
Do you really want the petals to twist? Twisting really is not dominant in the genes of either parent. I prefer the straighter petals myself when judging these. Personally what we look for as judges is a stronger petal stance. The wider the petals near their point of attachment or base, the better they score and the better the flower looks. Otherwise, they start to twist a bit and their overall confirmation or form suffers.
I would want 6 flowers per spike, dorsal at least 5.5cm and petals at least 1.6 x 20cm before I would have it judged. The bottom flower grew to DS 5.2 and petals barely 1.5 x 18.3, so it should be possible. I no longer exhibit unless I think I'm going to score above 90. With the award fee at $40($60 for non-members), nothing else is worth my time.
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That is a superb SS. I'd covet that.
If you dont know the parents, where did it come from? That might hint to the parentage.
I bought it from Little Brook Orchids, but it was from a batch they picked up at an international show, so, "some nursery overseas" is probably as close as we will get. Wherever it was, I'm pretty sure it was the same place my noodly Prince Edward of York came from.

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