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If anyone wants to send plants to US from Montreal, Canada, I'm going to the Orchidphiles show and planning to have the Export inspector certify plants!
Hi Rose,
I had a couple ideas to drum up interest...
-Perhaps we could have past winners post photos of plants they won and bloomed.....
-We could have an "Oh CANADA!" plant each week if we can line up some Canadian donors....we have some really great Canadian members after all!
-Maybe do the same thing for the European members!..."Hey EUROPE!"....
We all know The Aussies are already kicking in, what do you think? (Isn't it cool we are such an international bunch?)
-Finally, maybe we could put forth a wish list of things we are looking for....just in case some one needs a nudge to add some of their excess. For example, I am thinking of buying a few mini Catts, and I could just as easily bid on some here as to buy from some other source. And I want a really nice, twisty petaled Paph philippinense, and I am also looking for Phrags crosses made with Dalessandroi .....

I will donate one of the blooming size Nick T "Lucky Bells" that I got from his close out auction. ....Eric, (Ohio-guy)
I have some plants I'll be putting up for auction, but I guess I don't understand the process this time.
Have the suggestions confused people? Nothing has changed - PM me with your donations or even post here. At this point in time 1 person has contacted me plus Eric's offering here.
Don't delay -
start today!
etex has donated the following, THANKS for getting the ball rolling!
Paph Annabellchen - (liemianum x delenatii) PB,3 growths, 17"LS, 5" pot
Paph Matrix NT 194 (S Gratrix 'Lemon Zest' x Conco bellatulum 'Pert') BS, 9" LS, 3 1/2"pot.
Blc Orange Digger 'Kiilani'- (Blc Orange Nuggett x Lc Gold Digger) 3 pb division,13" tall inc. pot, 3 1/2" pot.
C Summer Spot 'Carmela'- ( C. Summer Stars x C. acandiae) 6 pb and 1 new growth division, 11" tall, 3 1/2" pot.
Slc Hsin Buu lady 'YT' - (Slc. Wendy's Valentine x L anceps) 10 pb division, 10 1/2" tall, 4" pot.
Dgmra Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' 4 fat pb division 5" pot.
Bulbophyllum biflorum 'Lil' Chm/AOS 6 pb and 1 new growth, 3 1/2" pot
Lc Breen's Jenny Ann 'Cheng Min #2'- ( Lc Persepolis x Lc Sheila Compton) 6pb and 2 new growth division,12" tall, 4 1/2" pot.

ohio guy has donated a Paph. Lucky Bells BS, THANKS Eric!

Photos will be included when we list during the auction or do we want a preview in addition to the description?
I won't be donating plants this year, but if anybody wants to donate some neos, I'll be bidding:drool:
I'll take a look around the greenhouse and see what I can come up with as a donation. I know I'll have a couple of Schomburgkia front divisions to donate and maybe a paph or two.
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