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Wanted Sources for Brachypetalum

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Mar 11, 2023
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Oregon, USA
Would love to know some good sources for quality Brachys if anyone is willing to share. (I’m in the US). I’ve seen listings at the nurseries I typically purchase from, but they have been out of stock for some time. Just saw a couple of new listings at Krull-Smith last night. Are they not as popular as other slipper orchids for some reason?
I agree completely. These species tend to run in short cycles. For a year or two, they are readily available. Then nothing for a few years. The turn around is usually quick.
But Brachys seem to be quite popular in certain Paph. Circles. But in my experience, a lot of hobbyists shy away from them because they are considered harder to grow.

I see them here in the Great Lakes region all the time. Vendors have them. Vendors who turn around and over value them are here as well. I think that they try to cash in on what they know is a popular group and Jack up their prices. I’ll with hold names to protect the guilty but to illustrate my point, a vendor had a large concolor are at show here in February. It was a bit tattered looking, with pale leaf color. A little sign said “rare”, $70 for the plant.
I did not pick it up because I did not want to lay out $70 for a below average concolor that needed some TLC. But like I said, I might have gone to $30 or $35 but not 70!!! I thought the seller had a lot of nerve overly evaluating that particular plant. I saw it after judging on Saturday morning. It went home with him on Sunday despite “it’s rarity”!😁
Most of what I have are in flask... Perhaps I don't charge enough at shows, most of what I got from Sam I sold for him and they never even made it to my barn. :) Actually I think the only brachy I have in flask is bellatulum. Have lots of flasks of that. Might have a flask of niveum. I'm on vacation this week so I can't check.

Sometimes wholesalers have them but even that is pretty rare. And they are often 2x more expensive than other slippers at wholesale so I'm not surprised the retail price can go up pretty quickly. One problem is that they are hard to transport to shows without damaging the flowers. But the ones that make it to a show go quickly.
There is also Thanh of Springwater Orchids in Florida. He can be reached at [email protected] I know that he has imported flasks from Thailand and they are now in 2 inch pots. I saw photos of a couple that had flowered and are very nice.

Thanks, Bob! The emersonii I purchased from Thanh based on your referral was very nice. I’ll check in with him.
Coincidentally, we have him here at the Lansing meeting on the 11th. Oh that could be off a day as we normally meet on Saturday which I think is the 12th.
Anyway we have a ‘pre-order’ list via Thanh and the only Brachypetalum anywhere on his list are delenatii’s. Pretty sure it is the regular form, the alba form and a vinicolor form. All are listed as 2-3” pots and NBS.
For whatever this might be worth information wise.
I have been pleased with a few I have found on e-bay BUT you must be careful.
Some vendors over value their plants.
Some vendors sell plants with sketchy roots. They willingly state that these plants are rootless and in moss. And yet, they are charging a stiff price. But if you catch on to the catch phrases, I have managed to wade through and find a few wonderful plants.
In my experience, better deals can be found in the spring and fall, not now!!