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Two weeks ago I received some more Phrags from Mr Franz Glanz. They caused a little bit of problems. I didn´t expect them that big.

It is :
Phrag. pearcei
Phrag China Dragon(With bud)
Phrag Sorcerer´s Apprentice
Phrag Inca Fire
Phrag Lutz Roellke
Phrag Ruby Slippers
Tomorrow i expect some other plants from him. I hope they aren´t that big
Hello from Germany
Great plants!

I got a Paph Delrosi from him with at least 7 growths. The sucker better bloom!
you do´t want to know it baut I tell you. They were between 20 and 30€each
Hello from Germany
Nikolaus, your plants are cheap!!!!! If your costs are euro's, I converted them to our dollars. We pay your prices for SINGLE growth plants, not flowering or near flowering size. The plant of pearcei in your pic could be bought here in some nurseries for around 65 Euros. One of the cheaper nurseries is selling Phrag seedlings with a leaf span between 100mm and 150mm from 17 & 28 Euros.
Flowering size plants of average quality Phrags start at 30 Euros, quality flowered Phrags start around the cost of the pearcei ( 65 Euro )
Considering the size of his plants, the prices Franz Glanz charges are VERY reasonable imo. I almost passed out when I unpacked my Delrosi, it was 20 euro :crazy:
I think Mr.Glanz has very low prices, also because they are real qualitiy plants. He is winning one medal after the next in judging by the German Orchid Society.
The pearcei was 20 €
Today there arrived some more plants, they were 15,50€ each I´ll post them tonight or tomorrow
Hello from Germany
great purchases as roy says here in australia we can only dream of getting plants like that at any price
cheers manfred