Pictures of some of my Paphiopedilums and Cattleya/Laelia lundii.

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Nov 13, 2022
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Here are two pictures of one of my bellatulums. One decided suddenly not to bloom. This one is also unsure if it is going to flower or not. I have felt the bud inside there already for four months! As long it`s green, there`s hope and it has developed VERY slowly. It has also been growing roots for half of winter, and the two new shoots have also grown amazingly fast. It looks good though.

The third picture shows my concolor f. striatum. Pictures four and five show a concolor (Round One x Yellow Cherub). The sixth picture shows my wenshanense, which I saw at the end of Oktober, that it started to grow its inflorescence. Now after two months, it's finished, although the flower still dries and stays there. Unlike some, like niveum and my Phrag. Living Fire, which flowered from three months to six months. It`s terrible when they drop the flower when it`s finished often without any warning. It looks fine and fresh, and then when you remove the plant it just drops, and you are like Jikes, what happened!!! The seventh picture shows my tiny rungsuriyanum, and finally, the last two flowers show my Cattleya lundii in flower. It smells good, but not strong, but the flower doesn`t last a long time, unfortunately.

That`s all for now. I had a lot of flowers last year, but right now there`s just the bellatulum shown here and one of my godefroyaes, that is making inflorescence, I think. A Black x Black.

Have a pleasant day everyone, or evening to you who live in Europe. Here is Wednesday, 16:12 hours.


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