Sl Jinn 'Little Red Riding Hood' (coccinea x milleri) & Slc Deborah Off 'Sandy'

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L I Jane

I know-these aren't everyone's favourites but I like them so I lumped them together:D This is the display for this year.As you can see it's hard for these to go into bloom & lose them in the greenhouse!

They didn't used to be a fav. with me, but a little bit of colour peeking out from between those big orchids isn't a bad idea.
L I Jane said:
Whoops- the sl Jinn is the 2nd one in case anyone is confused.
I wasn't. It is easy to see the milleri influence..and I love it :clap: If it ever gets big enough to divide can you save me a piece please.:drool:
Oh, I love them Jane! Just today I was wondering how to get some ideas of showy mini-catts to look for.(I guess they're minis?) Any fragrance?