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Seedling Bubble

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Feb 24, 2007
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Arlington, VA
Does anyone have a good source for a humidity bubble for seedlings? I just moved home and my babies could use the extra humidity.

I have not used these yet, but I know some of you do. I am a bit worried about ventilation. Has this been a problem for any of you?

Many thanks.
what is a humidity bubble for seedlings, may I ask
Oh, so those are what they are, Thanks for the explanation.
Funny, I been using clear plastic top from roasted chicken box that my sister in law bought without knowing I am on to something that cost almost 30.00 bucks.:rollhappy:
I am always concerned that it is easier to get fungal growth in such a closed environment. Depending on what type of orchid you are growing in there I have never found it necessary to provide extra humidity in particular for Paphs. Would it not be enough if you put the pot with the small plants on a saucer or pot tray filled with small pebbles which is kept filled with water to provide the extra humidity? I have also done this in the past if I was concerned about humidity.
I have just installed a fog spraying system in my growing area. It gets connected to our main water supply and works quite effectively on 2 bars and it provides more than enough humidity and not any water drops that will negatively affect the plants.
I have seen covered clear plastic shoe boxes selling in dollar stores for little money. Larry
Oh no! I looked that site - now I must have a greenhouse. That's a committment. I'm sure any of these companies will help me set one up.

Will it really be a schlep if I have it a couple of hundred feet away from my house? What are the pro's...what are the cons?
a GH a couple of hundred feet away from your house = inconvenient for some but if you don't have anywhere else to put it. Guess it would also depend on the size of the GH. Others things to consider - where do you live? do you need to run heat out there? if so how close is natural gas? going propane? can the delivery truck get there? how close is electric & water?
It's about 25' from my back door to my GH. The one corner of our house is about 10' away, this made it a breeze to run natural gas, electric & water & at a minimal expense. If the weather is crummy I have 25' to sprint to the GH!
Mine is over 100' away from my back doors. It just sort of happened that way. Would have preferred to have had it closer to my home like goldenrose's but I needed to site it properly to maximize the sun and needed to integrate it into the landscape design... what little there is. This is my second greenhouse.

Many factors to consider and try hard not to get hung up on aesthetics. Best to have a fully functional greenhouse as opposed to an eye catching purty greenhouse so goooooooooooooo slowly identifying what your needs are or end up like me... with a newer tear down. Glass is probably not the way to go in my area is about all I can say. If possible, consider a poly greenhouse. I think the name of the greenhouse I have is the American Classic and it's like 16 or 17' by 28'. I ordered it in powder white and it's on a concrete slab with footers below the frost level. Gas, electric, and water were brought to it.

Research research research! Prepare to sell you first born child to fund this. Just kidding but building a greenhouse can get kinda pricey and best to only have to build one once.

editing to add- these are the "bubbles" I use-
They were cheap and I picked them up from Menards on clearance for around $9 a piece. I like that I can allow for a little air excahange.