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Fantastic red color. Are the buds splashed white on the back side of the sepals and petals too? I gave up on mine, I should try again but need a cooler space. How did you deal with watering it during this cooler period. I’m always so scared to add water below 60. Especially with orchids that look like phals in a pot.. you really have to fight a psychological barrier to bloom these things 😛 well done!
Sarcochilus are such a pretty genera ... lots of lovely coloured flowers and so is yours . Well done, Darlene.
..... Are the buds splashed white on the back side of the sepals and petals too? .....
They are and if you look closely you will see it in the photos.
Thanks all!

As @GuRu notes, the backs of the buds and flowers are splashed with white. It's a nice, unexpected detail.

Previously I heard from other Sarcochilus growers that temps in the low 50s for six weeks would induce blooms. 50s are easy to achieve, so I gave that a try for a few seasons. Outside of one cross (Heidi x Zoe), mine did not produce many, if any, flowers. Last fall, I left the temps drop into the 40s at night, with daytime times in the low 60s. I did this for 8-10 weeks. During that time I watered every 7-10 days. @PeteM You are right. It is hard to get over that mental hurdle of watering this Phal looking plant in cool temperatures. When I could, I watered on bright days. Also the air circulation was strong. Plus this was their bloom or else year. So, I was feeling bold.
Darlene. It’s true, fear, threats and sometimes abandonment are great motivators.
The red Sarcs are really beautiful resulting from years of intense selective line breeding of the foundation species (hartmanii and fitzgeraldi ) by Scott Barrie. Fred Clarke tweaked them even more.
Gorgeous! Love the deep reds. Good to know they like the cold. I’m hoping Fred has some more Sarcochilus soon.

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