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For Sale Sale/Trade Paph. Saint Swithin and others

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Jun 25, 2012
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I will have two divisions available for trade or sale--Each division has 3 growths( one previously bloomed--one BS growth--one small new growth), Sale--$85/division, shipped bare-root only(shipping included); For a fair trade(~same value)--looking for BS/NBS species like fairianum, lowii, victoria-regina,charlesworthii, vietnamense, spicerianum, thaianum and any Brachypetalum species...

This particular Saint Swithin(roth X phil. var. lavaegatum) is a very good clone(I was happy to pay $100 for a two-growth division 20 years ago). It is a strong grower and the flower is very good. The mother plant is getting too big to keep and needs repotting, so as soon as I have someone interested in it(sale/trade), I will divide and ship(bare-root). Send me PM if you are interested in it.
No flower photo is available, but "It is as good as any older awarded clones", said a professional grower here, whom I traded a division a few years ago.

Sale--Paypal friends and family only. For trade--we can work on a bigger trade. (see updated post below for more for trade)

***prefer trade if it is possible.
***U.S. only
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Do you have pictures? I recently lost my Saint's within to erwinia, so I am shopping for a replacement
I can provide the plant photo(the whole mother plant) if you are really interested in it, but no flower photo at the moment. (I had flower photos before but I lost them due to the computer problem years ago). I have not divided the plant yet, but I can guarantee the number of growths...
Are you in US or Canada? For some reason, I am thinking it is Canada...if that is the case, I can't ship it to Canada.
Send me pm for further...trade or sale? prefer trade if that is possible.
few more for trade:
Paph. Via Luna Este "China Doll" AM/AOS--two growths(one previously bloomed and one new growth), great for breeding....
Paph. armeniacum--this clone has very large flowers, long-lasting(more than 3 months), 2-3 growth division.
Paph. Susan Tucker "Lottie" S-CSA, HCC/AOS--white standard complex, ~6" LS growth from a back-growth(single growth with 5 leaves), It will take 1-2 years before it will bloom...Just potted it up and it has good roots
Paph. delenatii alba--division, four previously bloomed old growths with new growth starting
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Update: Only St.Swithin and the delenatii alba are available as of 6/16.

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