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Rules for Buying and Selling

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Welcome to the Slippertalk.com marketplace. This is a completely free resource for members and orchid vendors to be able to sell their orchids, books, supplies and other orchid related goods. Here are the rules that must be followed in order for this to be a fair process.

1. Please be as accurate as possible in your description of the item for sale.

2. Don't approach other members about buying something from the marketplace. If you post items for sale, then private message everyone to let them know you have items for sale, you are going to annoy most members. We will see your items, there is no need to "advertise" them any more than that.

3. Place payment and shipping information in your post. Be as fair as possible with shipping and handling.

4. Buyer Beware. You are responsible for your own purchases. We do not screen members, and can not verify if what is being sold will bloom as it is supposed to. Only buy from people who have a good reputation.

5. Post honestly and be fair in your dealings with others. We will allow buyers to post feedback about a transaction with a seller. To a point, it may be good or bad feedback depending on your dealings with other members.

6. We do not handle payment transactions for any sale. You are responsible for determining if you can pay for an item as the seller requests.

7. We will not be held responsible for transactions that don't work out for whatever reason. We are only allowing people to post the items, not forcing you to buy them.
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