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Down here, we grow them in the yard for the herb and for its mosquito repellency.

I planted one from a 6" pot 5 years ago. It's now over 8' in diameter.

Reminds me of jade plants. Here in Michigan we grow them indoors as an ornamental. Years ago I was attending training classes in Pasadena, CA. There they grow them outdoors as hedges with stems the size of my arm.
I love my rosemary, too - definitely hedgelike. My flowers are paler than your pretty lavender ones.
I am going to lose it as part of a renovation project, but I am hoping I can propagate a piece or two. Yes, I know I could easily get a new one, but I am rather sentimental about plants.
I found my potted rosemary thriving under some snow. I left it for dead so I was shocked to see it lively and green under the snow. The snow must have insulated it. However there is no way it will make it through the entire winter.

I guess it is a sign I need to attempt to keep it alive inside for the winter vs letting it freeze outside.

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