Rolling Stone tongue flower

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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Trias discoflora has about the proportionally biggest lip of any Bulbo flower that I can think of. Its more like Mick Jagger's tongue!

I posted as a thumbnail so you can blow it up big for best effects.

i need a trias, how big are they?

This is the largest flowered of the genus. The petals are about an inch long on this one. Trias picta is probably the only other one I'd own with flowers about an inch across. The rest are down right teensie.

The leaves on mine are 6-8 inches long with bulbs about 3/4" in diameter. There is little or no stem between the bulbs, so as they grow it looks like a bunch of grapes covered with roots and leaves. The leaves are long and narrow, but very thick and succulent on this species. Right now the whole plant might cover a tea saucer.

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