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I do not think that people realise that this is a novelty and not a bullenianum, If I were in the US, I might have been responding, but perhaps the price is set a bit high? However, how on earth did that species happen to be in the US, that is my question. Never seen it offered anywhere else and it is recently been described....:confused:
I don't know any thing about this species so I can not say anything about it .
However, the parents' clone names suggesting Japanese origin to me so, perhaps someone imported into Japan first ? then make flasks ?
The problem is to grow a cross in the short time since its discovery. The species was found in 2013 and described in 2014.
In reality Paph robinsonianum was discovered before,and later "rediscovered" and described...i remember seing photos around 2008-2009 already on the web....but I trully doubt that plants for sell around are from flask....

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