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Hey all,
I was thinking today that I need to order a new batch of repotting media, but my tastes for media have changed since the last time I bought my paphiopedilum mix. I know some people who grow orchids for little more than a hobby buy media components in bulk and custom mix their personal "blend." I can't afford to buy it all bulk, so I was thinking it would be great if someone could do it for me and just ship me a gallon of it. Then I ran across ( It's perfect! Anyone can custom order mixes with their favorite a-la-carte items and order a little or as much as they want! I know some of you have known of this website, but I thought I would share it in the forum so everyone knows. I wish I had thought of this website a while back, it's sure to be profitable. I'm ordering my first bag tonight! They also have loads of other pre-mixed medias and other supplies.

Oh and I want to make clear that I am not affiliated with this company at all, but just wish to advertise because of it's detailed, user-friendly website and obviously nice products. :)
It wouldn't matter even if you were affiliated with them. Maybe you should invite them to the forum.

John and I stopped by their booth at the NCOS show. Unfortunately they didn't bring any non-mixed medium with them, but we ended up splitting their seedling mix - this is what I'm considering for the (soon-to-be) deflasked phraglings. She did say that they really do rinse their chc until the water runs clean..... I haven't done anything with the mix other than spill some in my car AND in my apartment, so I can't report anything other than that it scatters very well.

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