Prag. warszewiczianum var. wallsii

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Beautiful plant. The soft, pale curtains are a nice match to the pale, weepy flowers. It's a look!
thank you - I keep those curtains in my grow room because they are so thin they stop the harsh light from hitting the plants but at the same time let a lot in. However, I would be scared to even guess how old the curtains are because I have kept them for their sentimental value. They were my grandmothers curtains and were in her house when I was a young child.
gorgeous pouches and petals!! is that its regular growing spot, or is it just out on display?
No I normally grow it under lights - the room I grow in is kind of like a sun room but I have additional grow lights for supplemental light. Also I have a cart in a spare bathroom with grow lights for cooler growers because with the door closed the central air keeps that room cold. Back in the 90's as a teen my parents had a nursery (not orchid just regular old fashioned house plants/ garden plants) and I had a section of greenhouse about 10 X 30 that I grew orchids and carnivorous plants in. when I moved out I got rid of everything and have just gotten back into growing orchids / nephenthes / other carnivorous plants about 5 or so years ago.