Phrag. warszewiczianum

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Apr 12, 2014
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Seems pretty happy this year. It’s from that strain that Ecuagenera grows.

I’ve been noticing that the long petal Phrags. Species and hybrids seem to both grow better and flow better in smaller pots. To the point where when repotting it appears better to trim roots to make the tighter pot fit than to let the root mass directly influence the pot selection.

Others may have known this, but you didn’t tell me!!!! :)8A1A7F42-A351-470E-8B11-89253D4BC52E.jpeg
Rich, what a lovely view into your 'jungle' !
Ha! thanx ya. Notice the open spot on the bench there. I just ‘culled’ a 5 lead Paph Frank Smith’ from that spot. Paid 100$ for it 4 years ago. Got 50$ hahahaha.kinda like my stock market investing…
Ya. I’m hoping to empty my accounts fast enough that I just run out as I take my last gasps for air….

Well on my way! :)