posting my 1st pic here! hopefully

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Mrs. Paph

Hopefully this works! This is a pic of one of the newest additions to my collection - hadn't actually bought a complex/standard type before, but Orchids Limited has been blooming some nice ones of these and I figured it was about time. The picture came out more red/pink than the actual color, but just think DEEP purple and you've got it. I'm thrilled with it now - 3.5"H X 4"W - and if it blooms w/o the little wrinkle on the side of the dorsal next time, then it's darn near perfect :)

smaller pic next time...

a little big, my bad, I'll work on that for the next one :)

~Miss Paph
forgot to post the name!

As I said or meant to say in the post, it isn't really that red, it's actually a really deep purple :) ...but I meant to tell you guys the name too and forgot that so... :p
P. Warren E Mack (Harbur 'Balthazar' X Grizzly Hill 'Fernbrook')
~Miss Paph

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