Pleione formosana

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Mar 26, 2007
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Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
It took 6 weeks from the time I removed the bulbs from the fridge until the first bloom opened. Another bud is blasting and there is still one more viable bud.


Eric, I have put these out in the garden during the summer (early June to early Sept) but I've brought them out early this year so most of my growth will under lights and on the windowsill. I've ordered more species/hybrids so I'm hoping to put some in the greenhouse and garden because indoor space is prime real estate for slippers.

Nice bloom there! Just lovely.

I took my Pleiones out late this year (I think). I will still have one plant bloom though.
Because I took them out late my bulbs are all wrinkly and tiny. Will they still able put of a new growth at this state? I hope my four other ones don't die so soon
I have tried Pleione's in NYC......they survive winter well enough (if the squirrels don't eat them....) but our hot summers are not to their liking. A big problem in NYC.....winter is easy for even marginally hardy plants to survive (we are solidly Z.7) but the summer heat is what kills so many plants....Eric
I won't leave any bulbs outside overwinter as I've read that the hardier types can handle down to -20 C (we just had a couple of weeks of -45 C weather). The refridgerator was cool enough to induce blooming without killing any bulbs.
My summers (outdoor) are not hot for long and I think we'd be lucky to get 100 frost free days. The only downside to outdoor growing over the summer was that leaves were more beat up looking (wind, sunburn and bug damage). They do need a fair bit of water while growing, I always find my media to be dry when the plants are getting enough light (my media is a mix of coir, fine bark, charcoal and gravel - with good drainage).


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