Pleione formosana 'Blush of Dawn'

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ah, spring.
I remember when I got a Pleione. Unfortuanately some groundskeeper thought it was dead, so it was thrown away.:sob:
How sad! I used to have a huge specimen plant that sadly fell victim to Jack Frost. :-(
Superb flower! :)

Do you let the sidebulbs that grow stay attached the mother plant?

I had a single bulb which made a side bulb and it sorta came away quite easily. I repotted both separately and the smaller one is shrivelling :( hehe
Yeah, during dormancy they sometimes "self-divide" which is fine, but I prefer to let them really clump up. When P. formosana is happy, it can more than double its number of leads each year, which is something I wish my roths would do....