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Pk hybrids

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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
Hi. Does anyone here have the Peruflora hybrids Pk x Eric Young/Pk x Hanne Popow/ or daLassendroi x Pk? I thought I read that they're attending an event in Florida soon and would like to pick up one each.
email fron GoneWild, you know who I asked.

I made a sudden trip to peru and am still down here. Normally I have good internet connections but now the net here is almost unusable. It takes about 20 minutes to load a page and it is hotter than hell in this internet cafe. I'm dripping with sweat and probably will get electrocuited by the keyboard. lol.

Please let the folks on Slippertalk know that I'm still alive and will return soon (I hope).
Had a chance to visit Alfreado Manrique in Lima ans visit his lab. He is doing quite well with his flask culture and in the near (?) future hopes to be able to export his hybrids, of which he has many.
Gotta go can't stand the heat any longer. Have you ever tried to type a email on a Spanish keyboard with all the letters worn off? Lost of trial and error to write this message!
lance peck
good news....
this week we have the VII Int Orchid Show in Lima and last week was the XII Orchid Show in Moyobamba. Will post pics with your help.
Of course the reserve Champion in Moyobamba was a solitary PK with good form. The Grand Champion was an spectacular C.rex showplant with 37 flowers in 7 spikes.
Now, we wait for what will be presented this Thursday and we will have AOS judging....I am waiting.....
Pictures next Friday....
Please if Lance is still alive let him know we would like to invite him to our Show in Lima.
I understand even many orchid growers will participate, so porbably even señor arias will present his always PLANTAS FRESCAS of peruvian species...
will see, will see...
have a nice week
BTW..and hopefully alive!! :eek:
Anyway, I just got off the phone w/ GLen Decker and he's going to check on the status of some more unreleased Pk hybrids. Hopefully some will trickle down to the amateur growers before the WOC.

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