Phragmipediums in Miami?

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Jun 20, 2023
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Hi, have struggled with Phrags in the past, trying to not this time.
Anyone in Miami or has had experience w Phrags in southern Florida? Can I keep my couple hybrids outside while it rains every day and in the summer heat? They are Phrag Leslie garay and P Zapatilla de virgen. And lighting? Thanks
I am in southeastern NC. My phrags are outdoors all summer, grown in semi-hydro culture (i.e., always moist) and flooded frequently. They are on the north side of my house, so get absolutely no direct sun, but have wide open blue skies above.
I'm in the Keys and have a dozen or so Phrags in my shade house under 80% shade cloth.
They grow quite well but it is the blooming that is hit or miss.
I have an automated misting system for my vandaceous plants in the east end of the enclosure.
Because our prevailing winds are from the east, I keep the Phrags on the first bench downwind where they
get a nice drifting mist every morning for about an hour.
I think as long as you stick to plants that have mostly intermediate temp species in their background, you'll be OK but they need to be where they get good air flow or they may overheat even in the shade.
3 of mine are actually in bloom right now.
Those two you mention are epiphytes sure they can take that much water but best in baskets with fine bark. Line the baskets with newspaper to keep the bark from falling out. Others, like pearcei, caricinum, longifoliium f. gracile, can go out and get watered heavily every day.
I have been growing Phrags in Dallas Texas for abut twenty years. I grow them both indoors and out, depending on time of year, location and genre.
Here we have a double curse for phrags. temp extremes, freezing and blistering along with extremes of humidity. It is the nature of prairies! I grow most of my phrags on the south side of my greenhouse where they are in front of a wetwall and receive about 10 to 10 hours of bright filtered sunlight daily. I have foggers on the floor and heavy circulation. My kovachii strains are in a corner under a small window a/c. to keep them cooler. This is not perfect. But, works for me here!